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How Is Online Poker Different From Its Counterpart?

With time, lots of players prefer to play online poker in place of offline poker. Some factors that make online poker different from offline poker are:

The first thing is in an offline poker game, a player can read tells. Additionally, he can look into the face of poker players. But it isn’t possible in poker online. Hence, even when players choose a reliable online poker website, such as fun88 ทางเข้า, they fail to read the nervous reactions of other players. They rely on only these players’ decisions. When a poker player does not get a poker face or finds toughness in reading people, this factor turns out to be advantageous for him.

The second thing is when players play online poker, they end up dealing nearly three times as many hands. Though it does not alter the game tactic-wise, players can make a decent income.

The third thing is when players play poker online, they can use several tools, and they tell them the odds they have. But in offline poker, these tools can’t be used. Not many offline poker games allow players to possess a laptop when they sit at the table.

The fourth thing is online poker offers cash games and poker tournaments, but this thing does not seem possible in offline poker. Some things, such as micro cash games or tournaments, seem like a nightmare in offline poker.

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Some innovative features of poker online

Many innovative features have been included in poker online, and some of them are:


Mobile applications

There have been made many augmentations in battery life, memory, processor speeds, and graphics, and they have advanced from mere devices of telecommunication to fully-fledged mobile devices. Hence, developers can form superb applications for work-related applications and gaming applications. The expansion of real money and superior-quality poker applications has placed online poker in the hands of new-generation players. Today, every poker player can play this game anytime and from anywhere without any fuss.



It permits a player to gamble at several tables simultaneously. A few casinos online permit simultaneous play at many numbers of tables. Though some argue that it results in poor practices of playing poker, many supporters agree that when players can play multiple tables simultaneously, they can save time as it lessens the time players spend waiting.


3rd-party analytics software

Though a few punters remain conscious of getting monitored, countless others find 3rd-party software to be an ideal handy tool that helps in developing the players’ gaming skills. With the help of this software, you can keep a trail of your played hands. Additionally, you can also record your wins as well as losses. This software also helps players in churning out the statistics of their game. Therefore, it can be said that these statistics seem excellent for analyzing the gameplay of a player and developing novice game strategies.

Fast-fold Poker

This kind of poker permits a player to fold at a button’s push only. Again, when a player wants to fold fast, they get shifted to another table, and here, a novice hand of cards waits for them. This version seems to be thrilling for every player as he can avert unexciting or marginal hands.

To avail of all these features, it is important thing to select the fun88 entrance  to play. 

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